Mark 10 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-12 - Once again, Jesus and the disciples are on the move. Once again, Jesus' custom is to teach the crowds that come to Him, and once again the establishment shows up to 'test' Jesus.

  • This time they bait Jesus into talking about divorce, a topic as sticky and complicated then as it is now.

  • Jesus explains to them that

  • even though divorce was legally permitted in Jewish law,

  • parts of God's law were given to accommodate the results of sin, not necessarily to reflect God's holy intentions.

  • You have to keep in mind the context of this conversation:

  • Jesus was responding to a rigged question from the establishment;

  • His answer certainly helps us understand God's intention for marriage, but...

  • Interestingly, Jesus appeals to God's will as He expressed it in creation, not in the law.

  • Jesus' answer is meant to shift our understanding of what the law is.

  • The establishment thought keeping the law was their ticket to holiness,

  • But Jesus teaches here that even if people could perfectly keep the law, they would still fall short of God's holiness.

  • v13-16 - Jesus famously instructs His followers to receive the Kingdom of God with childlike faith and trust.

  • v17-31 - Notice how the man approaches Jesus: he runs up to Jesus, and falls on his knees bef