Matthew 9 Reading Guide

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Chapters 8 & 9 are a whirlwind of activity for Jesus and His disciples. Yesterday we read about how busy Jesus was. It's not clear if the events of these two chapters all occured on one day, but the hectic nature is evident in the way Matthew segues from one event to another:

  • v1 - Jesus crosses the lake back to the other side again;

  • v2 - He's met (in a packed house, as we read in the other gospels), by a paralyzed man brought by the man's friends to be healed;

  • v9 - As Jesus went on from there, he called Matthew to be a disciple...

  • v14 - Then John's disciples came to him with a theological question...

  • v18 - While he was saying this, the synagogue leader came to him...

  • v27 - As Jesus went on from there two blind men call out to Jesus...

  • v32 - While they were going out, a demon-possessed man was brought to Jesus...

  • v35 - Jesus went through all the towns and villages.

You're busy too. Probably too busy. Take comfort by the fact that your Lord and Savior knows exactly what it's like to live at a hectic pace with all sorts of pressure just like you do.

Meditate (think about while you're working) on v36 today:

  • When he saw the crowds,

  • he had compassion on them,

  • because they were