Matthew 17 Reading Guide

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  • v1-8 - Jesus took three of His disciples up a mountain, which as we've seen reading through the gospels, was a regular activity for Jesus as He sought quiet place to experience silence & solitude. But this experience was different.

  • Both Matthew and Mark write that Jesus was transfigured, which is the same word we use to describe a caterpillar turning into a butterfly (the Greek word is metaporphoo).

  • This word is used two other times in the Bible illustrating that Christians are undergoing a metamorphosis as our lives become more and more sanctified (made holy) (Romans 12:2 and 2 Cor. 3:18).

  • This means your life must be substantially different than your non-Christian friends and neighbors. Is it?

  • Once again, the voice of God booms directly from heaven.

  • God speaks some familiar words, echoing what He said at Jesus' baptism:

This is

my Son,

whom I love;

with him I am well pleased.

  • But this time, God adds an imperative to His indicative statement. He commands us to Listen to Him.

  • v9-13 - Jesus helps his disciples understand that although He is fulfilling all of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah, the fulfillments might look different than what they were expecting.

  • v14-21 - After the ultimate mountaintop experience, Jesus and His disciples descend back into the valley to find a massive squabble occurring between the other disciples, the Establishment and a man who just wants his son to be healed (Matthew doesn't write about this argument, but Mark adds that detail, which is critical to understanding why Jesus seems to snap at the father).

  • Matthew's account focuses on the lack of faith that disciples demonstrated.