Matthew 22 Reading Guide

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Chapter Overview:

  • v1-14 - Jesus, being confronted still by the establishment tells the parable of the wedding feast:

  • The king sends the invitation out, but his guests are all too busy or don't even care enough to come.

  • After exacting some swift judgment on those who ignored the invitation, the king brings in anyone he can find to attend.

  • Yet even though the king's invitation is free and universal, he is not about to lessen his perfect standards, so when a man shows up having not cared enough to prepare, he's thrown out.

  • v15-46 - The establishment continues their futile plan to trap Jesus in a 'gotcha' statement.

  • First the Pharisees try and box Jesus into breaking Caesar's law or God's law, but Jesus doesn't fall for it.

  • Next, the rival Sadducees try to trick Jesus by asking Him about a doctrine they deny: the resurrection of the dead.

  • Not only does this fail, but by studying Jesus' response, we get just an inkling of what life after death will be like, and it appears massively different than what we're used to.

  • We also get massive assurance that as followers of Christ we will live eternally, as Jesus asserts that God is the God of the living, not the dead.

  • Next up are the teachers of the law, who end up getting schooled by Jesus' masterful response to their question of what the greatest commandment is.

  • Finally, Jesus turns the tables and asks the Pharisees about Psalm 110.

  • Ultimately, Jesus stumps the establishment, so they give up on mere questions and escalate their plan to kill Him.

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