Revelation 1 Reading Guide

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Chapter Overview:

  • v1-3 - The introduction and purpose of Revelation:

  • It comes from Jesus, who showed it to John, who wrote it down for you.

  • This book isn't to frighten you or cause you to worry. Quite the opposite; it's for your blessing as you take it to heart.

  • v4-8 - This opening section contains two elements that are a big part of our worship services:

  • A benediction (words of blessing), that you might have grace and peace, given to you from Christ Himself;

  • A doxology (words of glory), praising God for loving and redeeming us, and reminding that every knee will bow and tongue will confess Him when He returns.

  • v9-20 - John explains how this revelation came to him.

  • He was worshipping God on the Lord's Day when he heard a loud voice, commanding him to write down what he saw and send it to the Church.

  • He turned around to see a Christ, appearing so glorified that it's hard to picture what John describes.

  • As we read Revelation, we're going to encounter lots of symbolic language. There will be times where the meaning of that symbolism will be quite mysterious, but often times the symbols will be clearly explained, as they are here:

  • Jesus, appearing with seven stars and golden lampstands, has a message for His Church.

  • The Church will be the central character in the story that will unfold.

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