Revelation 5 Reading Guide

Dig In:

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 5 takes place within the scene set in chapter 4, in which God's almighty throne is set in the center of the universe where He's in control of all things.

  • As God is worshipped by the 24 elders representing God's Church in both the Old & New Testaments,

  • He holds a scroll with seven seals, representing His plan to make all things new.

  • Yet no creature is able to open it. John weeps at this (v4), because if God's will remains sealed - that is, unrevealed and unexecuted - then there is no hope for God's people to receive salvation from the peril that lies ahead.

  • John's weeping is interrupted when he's told to be optimistic:

  • The Lion has triumphed and is able to open the scrolls (enact God's will);

  • The Lion comes on scene, but yet John describes Him as a Lamb. Jesus fulfills both of those scriptural descriptions at the same time!

  • All of heaven breaks forth glorifying the Lamb.

Dig Deeper:

Our worship services end with a doxology, a word that literally means 'words of glory.' This scene of the Lamb stepping forward to open the seals ends with the singing of not just one doxology, but three of them, starting with the 24 elders (v9-10), who were then joined by a choir of hundreds of millions of angels, until finally every creature in heaven, earth, and under the earth and under the sea all praising God simultaneously.

Notice the progression in these doxologies: