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Acts 8 - The Good News is scattered

Two very different characters 'believe' the good news, with very different results. Which one describes you?

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Acts 8 Summary

Stephen's execution sets off a great persecution led by Saul which scattered the new believers all over the region. It's ironic that even in his attempts to squash the Church Saul ends up spreading the gospel message, as those who were scattered went about preaching the word (v4).

We also see an interesting new dynamic unfold in the story of Simon. Not all who believed in the good news were truly converted. From start to finish, Simon is portrayed as a character interested only in himself and how the power of Christ could materially benefit him.

Phillip, one of the seven along with Stephen who was appointed a deacon, plays a big role in this chapter. He preached the words that Simon heard, and he's supernaturally brought into place by the Holy Spirit to explain the gospel to the traveling Ethiopian government official. Not surprisingly, the method Phillip used here is the primary method the Church is still to use in converting sinners: expository preaching; that is, reading scripture, then explaining how that passage points to Christ.