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Acts 22 - One size doesn't fit all

The world wants God, but on their own terms. Equip yourself to stand up for Jesus as Paul did.

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Acts 22 Summary

Chapter 22 is the conclusion to the cliffhanger we were left with yesterday. Once again a riot has ensued, Paul's within an inch of his life, and now he's under arrest. How will he get out of this bind?

He garners the crowd's attention by speaking Hebrew, which by this time in history wasn't used much anymore. He tells the story of his conversion, and the crowd seems to be tracking along with him. That is, at least, until he uses the 'G' word: Gentiles.

Once the Jewish crowd - who's primary identity is being God's chosen people - hear that Paul is going in God's name, at His command to perceived enemies of God, they flip out and call for Paul's execution (v22-23).

The Roman soldiers hustle Paul inside and are ready to examine him by flogging (v24) when Paul again pulls out his citizenship card, asserting his rights.

Yet the Roman official in charge has had his curiosity piqued by Paul and wants to know more. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode!

Dig Deeper

The gospel didn't fit the preconceived Jewish notions of the nationalistic salvation their Messiah was supposed to bring. The gospel accounts and the book of Acts contain one sad story after another in which they first rejected Jesus, and then His Church.

Yet this Jewish rejection is anything but unique. From Adam on down, mankind has a consistent reputation of wanting a relationship with God, but wanting it according to our own terms. We want His blessing, but not His order; people want Jesus' salvation, but they will not accept His Lordship.

As Western society continues to degenerate, be aware that Christianity will increasingly be viewed as incompatible with society's expectations.

Keep rooted in God's Word each day, assemble with His people on the Lord's Day so you're equipped to stand up for Jesus.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father God, who sent His Son to save those who'd rejected Him

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray for the strength and fortitude to stand up for God's truth in a world that wants its own way.




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