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Exodus 3 - God Is.

God's name for Himself may seem simple, but it's amazingly profound.

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Exodus 3 Summary

We catch up with Moses after he's run away from Egypt, having been raised as a prince, but yet having been witnessed killing an Egyptian to protect a fellow Hebrew.

He's lived a quiet, peaceful life as a shepherd, when out of nowhere a bush erupts into a flame that doesn't fizzle out. As he approaches the burning bush, he hears:

Do not come near... the place on which you are standing is holy ground! (v5)

The voice proceeds to tell Moses he's been drafted to lead the massive community of Hebrews from their slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land, flowing with milk & honey.

This is the amazing story of Exodus, which is a picture of the gospel: A holy God frees His stubbornly rebellious people from slavery to salvation.

Dig Deeper

It's customary for a royal figure to be announced with what's known as a heraldry, which is often a long and complicated recitation of all of that person's titles. Each of the names read off has meaning, and the more names a royal has, the more important he is.

The official heraldry God gives for Himself is neither long nor complicated, yet it is immensely profound:

I AM who I AM

In other words, GOD IS. God is His attributes; that is, He isn't just good, rather He defines goodness. He doesn't just act lovingly, love exists because God exists.

God exists in and of Himself. He had no beginning and will never end. Time itself is one of His creations, and He lives outside of and above it. He always was, is now and always will be.

All things that God has made are in the process of becoming, that is undergoing constant change. Except for God: GOD IS.

Remember that the story of Exodus is the story of your life as a Christian. You are a pilgrim being taken from one existence, corrupted by sin and death, to the Promised Land by a God who powerfully exists above all things: a God who IS.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father in heaven, whose name is holy.

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that when God calls your name that you will respond as Abraham and Moses did: Here I am.




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