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Jonah 1 - Going Down

God not only faithfully draws you back to Him, but He often does so in humorous ways!

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Jonah 1 Summary

We recently preached through the book of Esther in our Sunday morning services, and we learned that Esther is one of two Biblical books designed to be funny. Jonah is the other. This book, which tells the true story of a wayward prophet, is told in a poetic way. Unfortunately, much of the humor is built off of puns and idioms that don't seem as funny when translated into English.

The first chapter is built off of two key words:


After God's Word comes to Jonah, instead of immediately aligning himself with it, Jonah instead begins a downward spiral away from God:

  • v3 - He goes down from the hill country to the port city of Joppa, and once there goes down onto the ship;

  • v5 - On the ship, Jonah goes down below deck, and there he lays down to sleep;

  • v15 - T