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Mark 2 - Twisted Religion

To truly experience the peace that Jesus offers, you must truly know who He claims to be.

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Mark 2 Summary

  • v1-12 - The people throng around Jesus like He's a rock star, and the paralytic is famously lowered down for Jesus to heal.

  • When Jesus forgives the man's sins, it opens a rift between Jesus and the establishment (Pharisees, religious professors, etc) that will widen and get deeper until they hang Jesus on the cross.

  • v13-17 - The rift between Jesus and the establishment gets worse as the most hated sinners in society end up being the people most attracted to Jesus' teaching.

  • v18-22 - The establishment is offended that Jesus doesn't follow their arbitrary fasting rituals.

  • v23-28 - Jesus runs afoul of the establishment's holy grail of man made rule keeping: the Sabbath.

Dig Deeper

Notice that every section of this chapter involves the Pharisees making an accusation against Jesus, and each time they are technically correct:

  • Only God has the authority to forgive sins;

  • It is not healthy for a Godly person to surround himself with people living overtly sinful lifestyles;

  • Fasting can be a worthwhile Spiritual Discipline, although it's never actually universally commanded by God in the Bible;

  • The Sabbath should be a day when God's people rest from working.

The problem, of course, is that the establishment completely misses who Jesus is: