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Proverbs 1 - Never ending pursuit

Gaining wisdom isn't a one & done accomplishment, it's a lifelong pursuit.

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Proverbs 1 Summary

If you're wondering why God gave us the book of Proverbs, you don't need to look very far, as the opening verses make it clear:

To know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight, to receive instruction... to give prudence... knowledge and discretion (v2-4).

After stating his purpose in giving these proverbs, wise King Solomon begs his son (not just his own child, but all of God's people) to heed this wisdom and to use it as a defense against the constant temptation the world brings.

In v20, we meet for the first time Wisdom, who is personified in the proverbs as a loving lady. Right away we can sense her frustration, crying aloud in the streets, begging her children to come back (v20).

But Lady Wisdom's patience has its limits, and the time will come when rather than calling out after the wayward, she will laugh at their calamity and mock when terror strikes (v26). Ultimately a fool passes the point of no return, where no matter how diligently they seek her, they will not find her (v28).

The good news is that whoever listens to me - that is, whoever listens to the wisdom imparted by God's Word - will dwell secure and be at ease (v33).

Dig Deeper

We tend to think of wisdom in terms of accomplishment, as if you went to Christian school, professed your faith in front of church, or performed a selfless act of service of some sort that you've gained wisdom, never to lose it.

But Solomon paints a different picture as the Proverbs begin. Wisdom is not a accomplishment, but rather it's a pursuit that lasts a lifetime.

There have likely been times in your life where you followed wisdom closely, when you made godly decisions and had the strength to resist temptation, and there's probably been other times where you were distracted from boring old Lady Wisdom by the slick offerings of sin.

While it's certainly true that a person can wander so far from wisdom they'll never return, praise God today that He holds you back and keeps you within the loving reach of Lady Wisdom.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Knowing your loving Father God is the beginning of wisdom (v7)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray for the strength to resist sin and listen to Wisdom so that you may dwell secure (v33)




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