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Proverbs 2 - Seek and you will find

If you want to understand goodness, shut off the noise of this world and seek God's wisdom.

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Proverbs 2 Summary

Proverbs 2 continues the monologue of a wise father passing down wisdom to his son. Chapter 2 is constructed in the form of an if/then statement.

IF (v1-4):
  • you listen to words of wisdom;

  • you seek out wisdom as if it's treasure;

THEN (v5-15):
  • You will be in a right relationship with God (v5);

  • You will understand goodness and wisdom for yourself, for the Lord gives gives wisdom;

There are two additional key benefits to seeking out and listening to wisdom:

  1. You will be delivered from temptation. All through the Proverbs will will see temptation personified as a seductive woman, as she's described in v16-19;

  2. You will enjoy God's blessings. All through the Old Testament, God's blessings are symbolized by having land (v21-22). Having land meant a certain amount of security, ability to grow food, pass down an inheritance and having a sense of shalom, the peaceful condition in which all things are as they should be.

Dig Deeper

We often note that Christians are able to see and notice things that unbelievers miss out on because they're blinded by their sin and wandering around in the dark.

Verse 9 is a perfect illustration of this phenomenon. Certainly unbelievers can do things that are righteous, just and equitable. They can do this because of God's common grace in their lives, by which God restrains sin and evil.

But those who receive [God's] Word and treasures up [His] commandments (v1) will not just be able to emulate good things, but you will be able to understand righteousness and justice and equity and every good path for yourself, for you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God (v5).

This divinely given understanding becomes self perpetuating, in that it causes you to seek out even more wisdom, which opens up more understanding, and so on.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father, who gives wisdom and knowledge and understanding (v6)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray for the strength and courage to seek God's wisdom and understanding in all things.




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