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Romans 2 - It's Not Just 'Them'

Remember the old phrase: when you point out someone else's sin, there's four fingers pointing back at you.

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Romans 2 Summary

So far this hasn't been a very uplifting book of the Bible, but remember, in order for you to fully appreciate the good news, you must fully comprehend the magnitude of the sinful condition you were born into.

In chapter one, Paul took it to those people who suppress the truth of God and have exchanged that truth for their own definition of what's right. We read that threefold refrain of "so God gave them over..." and that with each stage, people become more wicked.

If you're honest with yourself, there was likely a little bit of you that thought I'm glad I'm not that sinful!

Today in chapter two, Paul cures that hypocritical instinct that we all have. He shifts the focus from godless pagan sinners to people who seem more like us; that is, people who outwardly look like church people, but inwardly are just as sinful as the pagans.

Dig Deeper

Think of all of the kindness that God has shown you in your lifetime. Why, do you suppose, He's been so kind to you?

Our sinful instinct wants to think that God's kindness is in response to our living according to His laws (for the most part, at least). While there is some truth in this - God generally does bless those who honor Him - God has a much bigger reason for being so kind to you:

God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance (v4).

Certainly we all deserve instant judgment and death even for our slightest sins, but instead, we're showered with massive amounts of blessings. Don't presume that God's ignoring or doesn't care about your sin just because He's been so kind to you.

He's given you provision and a comfortable home so that your every thought isn't consumed with basic day to day survival. He's placed you in loving Christian families and communities so that you're familiar with His Word. He's made you part of His Church so that His grace can be infused to you.

He's given you all of the good things you have so that you will repent and fully trust in Him. Is this what you're using these good things for?

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father is a righteous judge, from whom no sinners will escape (v3)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that you will use the many kindnesses God's given you to draw you towards daily repentance.




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