December 31 - Mark 2

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dig Deeper (pick one to focus on, or study them all):

  • Every section of this chapter involves the Pharisees making an accusation against Jesus, and each time they are technically correct. If each time they are right about the letter of the law, why is it they come to such wrong conclusions?

  • Jesus is accused of 'blasphemy' in 2:6. Ironically this is the first accusation the Jews make against Jesus, and it is also the last one they will bring when they crucify them. The Jews realized that Jesus was not just a nice guy preaching love and social justice - He was claiming to be God Himself. The Jews rejected Jesus' claim. Does Jesus' 'blasphemy' change your view of Him?

  • CROWD WATCH: We've been watching the crowd being attracted to Jesus as we read Mark. Why are the crowds so interested in Jesus in this chapter? (v2, 13) How does the crowd's interest in Jesus begin to change in v12?

Prayer Tips: