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January 1 - Mark 3

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dig Deeper:

  • EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER: Begin to notice the range of Jesus' emotions: anger/distress in v5; yet in v17, Jesus gives a humorous nickname to James & John (imagine the smirk on Jesus' face as he bestowed that name upon them). What conclusions can you make about Jesus from these verses?

  • MESSIANIC SECRET: We've already seen this a couple of times in Mark, but the command Jesus gives v12 is one we'll see lots more of as Mark progresses. Start to think why it is that Jesus wants His true identity kept secret at this point. Hint: it has something to do with the next paragraph:

  • CROWD WATCH: Jesus is like a rock star at this point, and it would seem like a blessing that He has such a huge following as He begins His ministry, but keep your eye on Jesus' efforts to ditch the crowd throughout the next several chapters. There's a big lesson in this for us... stay tuned!

Prayer Tips:

  • Thank God for giving us a savior who has experienced the same emotional ups and downs we do.

  • Ask for continued strength to resist the temptations of the world as Jesus begins showing in Mark 3.


You're invited to our New Year's Day service at 9:30


Sermon Reflections

Genesis 8:20 - 9:17

Covenant Resolutions

God saved you for a purpose, so fulfill God's purpose in the New Year / Decade

Wednesday - Salvation is rooted in God's gracious, providential and covenantal character

Thursday - Resolutions 1 & 2 - Don't consume lifeblood (??), Protect & defend life.

Friday - Resolution 3 - Fulfill God's creation mandate.



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