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Blended Bible Study Plan

Multiple generations growing together by experiencing

the same powerful Bible story each week

Children in Worship

CiW will be the foundation of this Bible reading plan. Each week’s story will be determined based on the schedule and curriculum that they’ve been using. Children will arrive each week having heard the story at home, eager to discuss it with teachers and other students in class.

Family Devotions / Home Bible Study

Each family with kids in CiW will be given a copy of The Children’s Story Bible, and all others will be encouraged to purchase their own. Families will receive a monthly bookmark with the upcoming stories to read together, and will also be able to sign up for a weekly text reminder.

As they read these Bible stories together, the entire family will become increasingly familiar with the Bible, seeing how all of the wonderful and weird stories all point to Jesus, and family devotion time will become a priority.

Sunday Morning Live

The adult / high school class (Sunday Morning Live) will discuss the week’s story as well, utilizing a number of different medias and formats. Attendees will also learn how to use various resources and tools to help them dig deeper into each passage as they anticipate the next week’s passage.


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