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Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 - Doing Church Discipline

You can read along on pages 83 - 89

  • Scripture both models and commands us to exercise church discipline. And if we hope to build healthy churches, then we must be willing to do it (Pg 83).

  • Neglecting corrective discipline can be deadly for a church (Pg 84).

  • Churches grow when sin is nipped in the bud (Pg 85).

  • Formative discipline is how the church gets in shape, stays in shape, and grows... Corrective discipline is like surgery—it corrects something that’s gone wrong in the body so that more serious injury doesn’t result. (Pg 83-84)

  • Sin needs darkness to grow—it needs isolation disguised as “privacy,” and prideful self-sufficiency disguised as “strength.” (Pg 85)

  • The church needs to be a web of meaningful spiritual relationships in which people are engaging each other in casual conversation, spiritual conversation, p 86 mutually encouraging and sanctifying discipling relationships, mutual accountability, and small groups. (Pg 85-86)

  • The care list is a list of members who need particular prayer or attention for any number of reasons, many of which may not be sinful at all (Pg 87)

Think Tank Questions

  1. What concrete steps can we take to improve both formative and corrective discipline at WCRC?

  2. What is your opinion of the 'care list' idea on page 87?



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