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Chapter 6 & 7

CHAPTER 6 - Understanding the Regulative Principle

You can read along on pages 95-101

  • Briefly, the Regulative Principle states that everything we do in a corporate worship gathering must be clearly warranted by Scripture. (Pg. 95)

  • Its point is that God tells us in his Word how we are to approach him in worship, and so it is our duty to search the Scriptures to see what God tells us to do in life and particularly in church. (Pg. 95)

  • For us, too, sincerity is essential, but it is not enough. Worship is regulated by revelation. (Pg 97)

  • The way we worship God turns around to shape the way we view God. (Pg 98)

  • The implication for our corporate worship services is that every element and form of our gathered worship should show people from Scripture God’s glory in Christ so that we can all be transformed together into an ever more faithful reflection of that glory. (Pg 99)


CHAPTER 7 - Applying the Regulative Principle

You can read along on pages 101-110

  • Church leaders who have been committed to seeing the church reformed according to God’s Word down through the ages have had a common method: read the Word, preach the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word, see the Word (in the ordinances). Often referred to by theologians as the elements of corporate worship, these five basics are essential to the corporate life, health, and holiness of any local church. (Pg 101)


  • Which of these elements are we doing well at WCRC?

  • How can we we improve our execution of these elements in our worship services?



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