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Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 - The Role of the Pastor

You can read along on pages 111-118

  • In other words, the pastor should be leading in a way that leads the church to be the church (Pg 111).

  • ...everything that happens up front in a corporate worship gathering is part of the teaching ministry of the church... Everything from the call to worship to the benediction counts as teaching. Teaching is everything. (Pg 112-113).

  • The Three G’s

    • Graze - A shepherd simply cannot be faithful to his task if he doesn’t feed his flock well (Pg 117).

    • Guide - We must be initiating godly conversations and strategizing for the spread of the gospel, as well as setting godly examples in the way we live and lead (Pg 117).

    • Guard - Most of these predators will come in the form of teachers who twist the truth (Acts 20:28–31), which is why pastors and elders are called to be men who can “encourage others in sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it” (Titus 1:9). (Pg 117).


  • What are the pastor’s two primary responsibilities? Why is this so, biblically?

  • Which of the three G's are we doing well, and where can we improve?



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