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Chapter 3

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

You can read along on pages 45-56


  • Would it be a feasible goal to have 50% of our evening pulpit supply each year filled by men from our own congregation?

  • Write down the names of 3-4 men in our congregation who could (with help) prepare a 20-30 minute lesson on a particular passage.

  • What factors are keeping more men from our congregation from teaching the Bible in some format (Cadets, Sunday School (adult or kids), Youth Group, Sunday Evening)?

  • What impacts would having a group of men eager to teach have upon our congregation? How would it enhance our ability to remain a thriving congregation?

  • What ways will you intentionally work on improving your teaching skills in the coming months:

    • Read through a book of the Bible with another man who is just learning about Christianity, or one in your elder district, or one who likely will be an elder in a few years, etc;

    • Lead a Sunday Morning Live session on a particular passage or Christian topic;

    • Talk to the Youth Group about a passage or topic;

    • Other



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