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Colossians 2

Dig Deeper:

ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN'T GOLD: It's impossible, even for the most committed Christian, to not be tempted by what the world has to offer. We so easily let our focus get pulled away from the Kingdom of God as we get lured in by the pursuit of worldly success in sports, business and even relationships. That's why we need reminders like what comes in v8: these things are hollow, empty and deceptive.

ONE PARAGRAPH 3-POINT SERMON: Paul presents enough material for an entire 3-point sermon in v6-7:

Christ Jesus has been made Lord of your life, so live:

  • Point 1: Rooted and built up in Him

  • Point 2: Strengthened in the faith as you were taught

  • Point 3: Overflowing with gratitude

Now pretend you're the preacher. How would you explain those points in ways people could understand and apply?

CHRISTIANITY REQUIRES INTELLECTUAL SHARPNESS: Often times we're told the complete opposite of this. Those opposed to Christ accuse us of being ignorant and unscientific. Unfortunately even many Christians emphasize feelings rather than doctrine. But look at all of the ways this chapter demonstrates that knowing Christ must sharpen your thinking:


  • You are to have a complete understanding

  • You must use that understanding to know the mystery of God that is Christ

  • Christ contains all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge

v4 & 8:

  • Don't be deceived by deceptive words

  • Don't be taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophy


  • Don't be puffed up by an unspiritual mind.

What are you doing to sharpen your thinking according to these commands?

SEEK TRUTH, NOT RELIGION: It's not that all religious practices are wrong; indeed often religious activities can help remind you of the truth. But v17 can help you remember that Christ must be the true light that your religious practices must point to.

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: God has made you alive in Christ and has forgiven your sins (v13)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Be disciplined in your faith in Christ (v5)




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