Ephesians 3

Dig Deeper:

TOTAL ALIGNMENT: We often talk about being 'aligned with God's will,' meaning that your wants and needs are exactly the same as what God wants. Paul opens this chapter by referring to himself as a 'prisoner.' A prisoner is totally aligned with the warden's will, although that alignment may not be voluntary. Paul calls himself a prisoner here because it's as if grace burst into his life and arrested him (v7-9). Yet it's through this ultimate alignment with God's will that Paul has found freedom, since before grace found him he was enslaved to his sinful lusts and desires.

GOD'S POWER COMES THROUGH GOD'S WORD: You have been given the power to understand the mystery of Christ (v4). How did you gain this power? "In reading this." The more of God's Word that you read, the more of this power you will have. How much do you want?