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Good Friday Communion Service Preparation

We're looking forward to celebrating Communion Friday evening. Here's some questions to contemplate as you prepare.

Read Luke 23:32-49

  1. Who best represented you at the cross?

    1. The crowds who just complacently stood and watched the crucifixion, and then just walked away feeling guilty

    2. The soldiers who didn’t really care about anything, so they mocked everything

    3. The Jewish establishment, who sneer & ridicule the gospel

    4. The criminal who sought to demolish those who proclaim the gospel

  2. Take time to recognize and confess your sins and to pray that Jesus will remember you like the converted criminal did.

  3. Do you recognize what the Holy Spirit used the most to convince you to believe? Practice articulating it so that you can share it with others.

    1. A specific Bible verse (did you read it on your own or hear it preached)?

    2. The more evidence I see like the centurion, the more I believe (what is some of the evidence you’re the most impressed with?)

    3. Like the women at the cross, I’ve known Jesus for as long as I can remember (but… see if you can discern which of the above ways the Spirit continues to convince you).

  4. The centurion praised God by simply acknowledging the truth that Jesus was a righteous/innocent man. What are some ways you can praise God as you do your job?


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