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2021 Immerse Trip Details

The Immerse trip is coming quickly! This message has several objectives:

  • We will have an informational meeting for parents & students on Wednesday, June 30 at 7:30 PM at our house.

    • If you want to come early and swim, kayak or boat, feel free.

    • Please bring a dessert to share.

  • To introduce you to the daily devotionals that the leaders and students will be doing to prepare for the trip

    • We will be doing these devotionals for the 10 week days prior to leaving. That means that they'll begin on Monday, June 28.

    • That start date is before our info meeting, but these devotionals are a critical part of this trip, so both parents and students, please watch this video so you know how this will work.

  • To introduce you to the official trip web page. This will have all of the information you need for this trip:

    • Packing lists, schedule, permission slip, and links to the daily devotionals.

    • The direct address for this page is Check it out and get the permission slip filled out right away so I don't have to hound you!


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