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January 16 - Mark 14

Dig Deeper:

  • CROWD WATCH: Massive crowds have been following Jesus throughout His ministry, with everyone wanting to see Jesus perform miracles. Jesus could have become a political force, because v2 indicates the Establishment was afraid of the crowd following Jesus. But the 'crowd' changes dramatically in chapter 14. For the rest of the book, whenever the word 'crowd' is used, it refers to a mob that wants Jesus killed, as seen in v43. Jesus, who was wildly popular at the beginning of the week on Palm Sunday (chapter 11), is now abandoned. Verse 50 says, "Then everyone deserted Him and fled."

  • DID I READ THAT CORRECTLY? Did vss. 51-52 catch you off guard a little bit? What's up with this strange narrative about a young man running away naked? There's certainly nothing scintillating going on here... nakedness in the Old Testament represents total shame. This passage fulfills a prophecy from Amos: "'Even the bravest warriors will flee naked on that day,' declares the LORD. (2:16)" This young man, running away terrified, naked and ashamed, represents the crowd and all of humanity, including you and I. Jesus is totally, and utterly abandoned and left to die. Some scholars find meaning in the 'linen garment' the boy had been wearing. It's the same word used for the garment Jesus will be buried in, and the same word for the garment the angels will be wearing when they announce His resurrection!

  • FIGHTING WORDS OF VICTORY: When Jesus finally speaks at His sham trial, He absolutely nails it. He starts off by responding with the words I AM, which are the same words God gives as His primary name to Moses from the burning bush. Jesus then calls Himself the Son of Man, sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven, a clear reference to the one thing that Jews had been longing for: the Day of the LORD's return, prophesied in Daniel 7. The reaction of the high priest in v63 shows how massive of a statement this was. In fact, let's add v62 to our list of memory verses for the book of Mark.

  • MODEL PRAYER: Of course Jesus taught us to pray using the Lord's Prayer, and we see that model in action in v36. Jesus first acknowledges and praises God the Father. He makes a simple, yet passionate request, but then He bows to the Father's will, and asks that His life be aligned with the Father's will.

Prayer Tips:

  • Ask for forgiveness for how easily and often you are distracted from Jesus and abandon Him.

  • Pray that Jesus, the Son of Man, will come quickly, riding on the clouds from the right hand of God, and victoriously usher in the Day of the Lord.

  • Learn to pray like Jesus: Address your holy God, pray that your life would be aligned with His will, and simply make your requests to Him.


Sermon Reflections

Psalm 119:9-16 Living According To God’s Word Will Keep You On The Pathso make the time to be taught By God’s Word

Monday - God's Word saves and helps us make us look more and more like Christ.

Tuesday - The key to living in Christ is to live according to God's Word.

Wednesday - God is the perfect model, we are made in His image, so learn from Him.

Thursday - Delight, meditate, rejoice in God's Word, then recount it to others.

Friday - Don't be lazy and neglect God's Word.



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