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New 5x5 Features for 2022

The 5x5 is getting a facelift for 2022 along with several new features:

1) Integrated audio players

  • It’s always best to read the daily Bible chapter from a printed Bible, but for those busy days, listening to the chapter being read is a great option. Now you can listen to an audio version of the daily chapter right from the DIG DEEPER post without having to click through external links. This works great to be able to listen while driving or operating equipment! Try it out:

  • Starting in 2022, not only can you listen to an audio version of the daily Bible chapter with one easy click, but you can watch or listen to the entire DIG DEEPER post as well! In less than 3 minutes a day, you’ll have a much stronger understanding of the day’s chapter as well as ways that it applies to your life. Plus, you’ll be given easy to use tips on how to pray throughout the day using the AAA prayer guide and examples from each daily chapter.


2) Outlined text formats

Are you a visual learner? If so, you’ll love being able to read the daily Bible chapter in an outlined format (or follow along as you listen to the integrated audio player read the chapter).

  • Reading the outlined format helps you visualize the logical flow of the chapter we’re reading through. You’ll be able to easier understand when the Biblical writer is making a new point, or adding to an earlier idea.

  • If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to read through one of Paul’s letters because it seems like he’s going in circles, you’re going to love reading the Bible in the outlined format!

Try it out - click the ">" below:

Read the chapter in an outlined format:


3) Old Testament Chapters

  • For many of you, this is your third year reading through the Bible together. In 2020 and 2021, we read through all 260 chapters of the New Testament each year.

    • In 2022, we’re still going to read 200 chapters of the New Testament, but we’re also going to read 60 chapters of the Old Testament.

    • This will be a great compliment to our evening sermon series focused on the awesome stories told in the Old Testament.


4) AAA Prayer guide

  • Technically, the AAA Prayer Guide isn’t a new feature for 2022, but it’s still one of the most valuable parts of our daily DIG DEEPER posts.

    • As Christians, we’re commanded to pray without ceasing, which is admittedly really hard to do. This doesn’t mean that you need to pray long, drawn out prayers. Most of the prayers found in the Bible are actually really short, and often follow the same general format of “A”cknowledging who God is, “A”ligning yourself with His will, and then “A”sking for what you need.

    • After reading and Digging Deeper into each day’s chapter, the AAA Prayer Guide helps you pray these short prayers throughout the day by using different examples every day from the chapter you just read.



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