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The Search For Shalom - Genesis 37:12-36

God is working in all things, at all times, to bring you Shalom


  • 4:38 - Shalom is a condition in which you experience peace with everything in your life; between you and God and when everything around you when everything is the way it's supposed to be. But what happens when all of the sudden something happens and that Shalom is gone?

  • 5:48 - God is working in all things, at all times, to bring your Shalom.

  • 26:00 - Shalom is universally desired. Even the baddest of the bad guys wants shalom in their life. The problem is that if you have a really messed up view of who God is, and the first component of Shalom is having peace between you and God, you're never going to have a healthy sense of what shalom is. If you want to experience true Shalom, you need to truly know God.

  • 31:07 - Sometimes God destroys your 'peace' to bring you true Shalom. He took the temporary peace that Joseph and Jacob had manufactured away - for several decades! - in order to put them in a position to bring a temporal shalom to the whole world, and then ultimately eternal Shalom through Jesus Christ.

  • 39:55 - Because you know that God is sovereign over all things, and that He's even using the sins of the world to work His purposes out, you've got to be optimistic as you look at the future. Even though you look at this world, which may not look anything like the world you remember growing up, you can be optimistic because when you look back over history, time after time, when the world is at it's worst is when God works the most.


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