2022-23 High School Youth Group

Updated: Sep 7

Wednesday nights have become one of my favorite times to be at church, and I’m looking forward to another great year of High School Youth Group.

While these meetings have many attributes commonly associated with youth groups - social time, snacks and games, it’s important to note that these meetings are more than just fun; they are the primary way for our church to catechize (build up, train & equip) our covenant youth.

This fall, we will be working through The Canons of Dordt, which is one of our church's confessions that’s known by the acronym TULIP and are sometimes referred to as the Doctrines of Grace. These lessons will seek to solidify our student’s identity as young men & women who have been chosen by God, who must therefore live differently than the world.

These lessons are cumulative, meaning that each lesson builds on the previous lessons. This means that consistent attendance each week is critical for students to correctly understand these sometimes challenging, yet massively valuable doctrines.

Youth Group begins each Wednesday night at 7:30. The kids spend the first half hour just unwinding and talking with one another. Our lesson goes from 8-9, and then we play a game until 9:30. Our first Youth Group will be September 14. Each week, a different family brings snacks. We’ve eaten some awesome food, but don’t stress out if it’s your week and you’re super busy… a couple of bags of chips and some pop is fine. The kids will vacuum up anything. Both a parent and the student will get a reminder text on a Monday night reminding you it’s your turn. Check the schedule for this fall and let me know if you're week needs to change (if you don't see your name, you'll be first on the list in January)

Both you and your high school kids are also invited to our new combined class called Sunday Morning Live before our morning service at 9 AM. Each week will be something different, with the consistent aim to help our members be more engaged in the Bible, the Church and our community.

Many of you are not members of Worthington CRC, and that’s ok! We’ve had kids from up to four different churches be a part of our youth group, and we love having your kids be part of our group! We have an awesome group of kids already, but there’s always room for more. If you know of any other area kids who’d enjoy attending, please invite them!

On behalf of our other leaders: (Linda & Rod)

Rev. Chad Werkhoven



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