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2023-24 High School Youth Group

Youth Group begins August 30!

We're looking forward to another great year of High School Youth Group.

Kickoff Party:

Labor Day Lake Party - Details & RSVP


The snack schedule for 2023 has been posted: Both the parent and the student will receive a text message at 7 PM the Monday prior to the meeting reminding them to bring snacks.

If the date you're scheduled for does not work, please find a family to swap with and let me know you switched by sending me a text.


We will continuing through the Heidelberg Catechism for the remainder of 2023 (this is why we need to start already in August, because we're just beginning the section on the ten commandments and we need to stay on track). It's important for students to attend consistently since these lessons are cumulative; each week builds on the previous lessons. Although Youth Group has a social / fun component, the primary purpose is academic: to learn foundational doctrines that will guide these kids through life. Like school or sports practice, learning requires regular attendance.

If a student can't make it a particular week, we will be going through the same outline in our Sunday evening services. Our evening services begin at 6 PM.

Bible Reading Plan

Another way to reinforce the weekly lessons is by participating in our daily Bible Reading plan called Unfading Truth. Each day you'll get a notification with a Bible passage and a link to a short post that will help you understand the passage and apply it to your life.

These work great for either family or individual devotions (you can read or listen), and this year's theme is based on the Catechism as well. If you haven't already, join now: (you can enter as many phone numbers as you like so your kids can receive a notification as well).


Listen To:

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