Colossians 1

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-2 - Paul's familiar introduction that we've seen in other epistles.

  • v3-14 - It can be so easy to say to a person "I'm praying for you..." Paul goes a step beyond and tells the Colossians exactly why he's praying for them and what he's praying for:

  • WHY he's praying: to give thanks because he's heard about:

  • Their faith and love;

  • How they are bearing fruit as they grow in the gospel;

  • That God has rescued us from darkness and brought us into the kingdom of Christ, since we have redemption and forgiveness of sins in Him.

  • WHAT he's praying (continually) for:

  • That God will fill you with knowledge through the wisdom the Spirit gives;

  • that: you will live a live worthy of the Lord and will please Him in every way.

  • v15-23 - This passage is like a sidebar to the main passage reminding us once again who Jesus is and what He did.

  • Jesus is the image of God and the firstborn of creation, through whom all things have been made.

  • He has reconciled all things to Himself. In other words, He bought all that there is and paid with His blood which was shed on the cross.

  • Because you were bought by Christ, and the fullness of God dwells in Christ, you have been reconciled with God!

  • This is the Gospel message:

  • You are included in Christ. In Him, you've died to sin and have been raised to new life.

  • Therefore, He now presents you holy and blameless to the Father.

  • v24-20 - Paul has dedicated his life to preaching this gospel, and has endured significant suffering in doing so.