1 Corinthians 1 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-9 - This introductory passage is chock full of promises and statements that help you understand your significance as a Christian:

  • v2 - This is an open letter, so because you are one "who calls on the name of the Lord," this letter is specifically addressed to you.

  • v2 - Not only have you been sanctified (made holy) but you're also called to be Christ's saint (holy person).

  • v7 - Since you don't lack any spiritual gift, you are equipped to do whatever it is that God is calling you to do. So do it.

  • v7 - Don't just wait for Christ to be revealed, the way we often unexpectantly wait for the Twins to capture the pennant, eagerly wait and anticipate Jesus being revealed.

  • v8 - Christ will keep you firm to the end, so you don't need to depend upon your own failing strength.

  • v10-17 - It's interesting to see that right off the bat, the early church divided up into factions, which Paul calls them on the carpet for in these verses. So then, is it wrong for today's church to be divided up into denominations or associations? Yes and no. It certainly isn't God's design for the church to be splintered into so many sub-groups, but at the same time denominations allow people to remain true to their core theological convictions while maintaining unity with their congregation. The Corinthians weren't divided over difficult doctrinal issues like baptism or the authority of scripture, rather they seem to have turned Christianity into a cult of personality defined by who they identified with.

  • v18-31 - This could perhaps be one of the most relevant passages of scripture for our present time. For most of the last millennia, Western civilization has been centered around the basic truths of scripture, since most people had very similar understandings of who God is, who man is, and how we've been saved by God from our slavery to sin. But that's changing. Rapidly. As more and more of our society looks at Christians and the Bible and concludes it's foolishness, you need to cling to these words more and more. Be reminded often that:

  • v18 & 24 - the message of the cross is the power of God

  • v20 - God has made the wisdom of the world foolish (do you often wonder why the world comes to such crazy conclusions?)