Mark 3 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-6 - Mark has been cataloging the conflicts that arose between Jesus and the establishment (Pharisees & teachers of the law) early on in His ministry, which is why chapter three begins with the ominous phrase "Another time..."

  • Ironically, these guys were hanging on every word Jesus spoke, but not because they wanted to learn from Him, but because they wanted to accuse Him.

  • Jesus seizes the moment, and spots an opportunity to heal.

  • He masterfully pulls the rug out from underneath them by asking what the better thing to do on the Sabbath - good or evil, saving life or killing. His opponents are silenced.

  • This passage gives us a massive insight into Jesus' character. He's at the same time:

  • angry with them - we expect Jesus to be angry at sin;

  • but he's also "deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts (v5)." Mark uses a very unique word here to describe Jesus' emotional response to sin:

  • It grieves Him personally,

  • but yet He also feels sorry for the sinner.

  • Remember, God is not just plain angry with your sin, but He feels sorry for you and wants reconciliation

  • Jesus heals the man on the Sabbath, but instead of trusting in Jesus, the establishment doubles down and plots to kill Him.

  • v7-19 - Jesus is like a rock star now surrounded by crowds wanting miracles.