Mark 5 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-20 - After their stormy trip across the lake, Jesus and the disciples land on the opposite shore - outside of Israel. This is Gentile (anybody who's not a Jew) country, and the first Gentile they meet is a doozy.

  • He has an entire legion of demons living in his body.

  • Nobody could subdue him, not even with chains.

  • Yet this wild unstoppable freak of nature fell at the feet of Jesus, trembling.

  • The demons beg not to be tortured, and to instead allowed to go into a nearby herd of pigs, which meet a quick, unfortunate end.

  • The terrified people meet Jesus, and this man, who's no longer a freak,

  • and out of fear they beg Jesus to leave,

  • and the man begs Jesus to take him with Jesus (notice how much begging is going on in this story!).

  • Jesus declines the man, and instead makes him the first missionary.

  • Contrast this command to spread the news in Gentile country, as opposed to the secrecy Jesus is trying to maintain in Israel!

  • Mark ends this episode by simply noting the people were amazed.

  • v21-43 - After coming back to Israel, immediately another crowd gathers.

  • The synagogue leader (a member of the establishment) begs Jesus regarding his sick daughter.

  • Jesus began going to the daughter, and along the way is touched by a sick woman.