Mark 14 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

This is a massive chapter, one of the longest in the New Testament. But notice how it flows from one passage to the next. It would hard to know where to put a chapter break in it. Because it's so long, today's outline will just follow the main movements:

  • v1-2 - The scene is set: the Jewish Passover festival is coming, and the establishment wants to kill Jesus, but still remain afraid of the people.

  • v2-9 - While eating dinner, Jesus is anointed with a jar of expensive, pure nard in an act of worship.

  • All that most of the people can see here is a tremendous waste of money.

  • But Jesus accepts the worship the woman brings.

  • v10-21 - This 'money wasting' act is the last straw for Judas. He goes out to sell Jesus out to the establishment.

  • Jesus celebrates the Passover with His disciples.

  • While they're eating, Jesus tells them that one of them will betray Him.

  • v22-26a - Jesus transitions from what many refer to as the 'last supper' to inaugurating what we often call the 'Lord's Supper.'

  • v26b-31 - As is His custom, Jesus takes the disciples to a quiet area, away from the crowds, for silence, solitude and prayer. Peter emphatically insists he'll never shrink back.

  • v32-42 - Jesus goes on to pray, but His disciples succumb to their 'heavy eyes (v40).'

  • Notice the depth of Jesus' passion: He says, "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death (v34)."

  • Jesus uses the same AAA prayer pattern He taught in the Lord's prayer (see below).

  • Knowing that the mob was coming, Jesus gets up saying, "Rise, let'