Matthew 26 Reading Guide

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Chapter Overview:

Chapters 26 and 27 are two of the longest chapters in the New Testament. I don't know why those who enumerated the Bible with chapters and verses made this decision, but it's certainly reflective of how long these days must have felt. It works out well that we're hitting these chapters coming into a weekend: perhaps you can spread the reading out so that you can soak it all in.

  • v1-30 - The first half of this long chapter moves quickly, covering several events:

  • The establishment makes final plans to kill Jesus;

  • Jesus has expensive perfume poured over Him in an act of worship, one of the things that sends Judas over the edge, since he immediately goes to sell Jesus out;

  • Jesus and His disciples celebrate the Passover in a rented room, and Jesus institutes the Lord's Supper.

  • v31-46 - Jesus prays one short prayer several times (v39, 42, 44).

  • See if you can find the AAA elements (Acknowledge, Align, Ask - hint: they don't come in that order);

  • The disciples, whose "eyes were heavy (v43)," can't stay awake.

  • v47-56 - The brute squad, led by Judas, finds Jesus and arrests Him.

  • Swords come out for an instant, before it's quelled by Jesus.

  • "Then all the disciples deserted him and fled (v56)."

  • v57-68 - The kangaroo court begins session, with the Son of Man on trial.

  • v65 makes clear why the establishment wanted Jesus dead: because He claimed to be God.

  • The high priest tore his clothes in response to Jesus' claim. How do you respond to it?

  • v69-75 - The famous account of Peter's three denials.

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