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1 Samuel 15 - Holy Regret

God sovereignly controls all things, but even so your sin causes Him regret.

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1 Samuel 15 Summary

We're skipping ahead a few chapters today as we come to the end of our time in 1 Samuel. In the intervening chapters, the newly crowned King Saul demonstrates his true colors by making rash decisions, exercising poor leadership skills and a preference to take things into his own hands rather than waiting on the Lord.

In today's chapter, God gives King Saul a final assignment: totally destroy the Amalekites, the descendants of Esau who treated God's people harshly. God told Saul to devote to destruction all that they have (v3).

But Saul's army didn't follow these harsh instructions. It probably started small - a few trinkets were pocketed, and then some useful tools, and then some of the pack animals to help do the work. But it escalated to the point where not only did they keep all that was good, they also spared wicked king Agag. In fact, the only things that were destroyed were the things that were despised and worthless (v8-9). Do you see how qui