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Acts 24 - Do You Have A Moment?

Most people are drowning in a sea of opinions. Stand securely on absolute truth and facts.

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Acts 24 Summary

Paul has been transferred up to the next higher rung in the Roman court system. The Jewish establishment hires a polished lawyer name Tertullus to make their case, but everything he accuses Paul of is just generalized and unsubstantiated fluff.

Paul points this out in his defense, that no particular allegations have been made against him. The Jews' accusations can be neither independently falsified nor verified.

Begin to notice how common Tertullus' methodology is in the 'news' you consume. You'll find that quite often it's not just actual facts being reported, but opinions and perceptions disguised to look like objective reporting (this happens in both right-wing and left-wing media).

The chapter ends with Paul being given some opportunity to 'reason' with Governor Felix and his wife before Paul is used as a political pawn by being forgotten about in prison.

Dig Deeper

We're told in v22 that Felix was 'well acquainted with the Way,' and that he listened to Paul talk about 'righteousness, self-control and the judgment to come.' Yet as soon as Paul started to hit a little to close to home, Felix sent him away until he 'found it convenient.'

How many millions who, presumably like Felix, will spend an eternity regretting that they never found a 'convenient' time to accept the gospel? How many Christians will regret years wasted on earth because it was so much more convenient to chase after the treasures of the world rather than take up their cross and follow Christ?

Remember that Christianity is not just an alternative worldview that will help us restore the good ol' days if we just simply live according to godly morals. Christianity is a command from God to repent and believe the Good News. Make sure you don't put it off until you find a convenient time.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Thank the God of our Fathers that through His Spirit He has made you a follower of the Way (v14).

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that you don't put off considering the truly important lessons of the Bible until a 'convenient' time comes for you (v25).




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