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Romans 8 - The Best of the Best

Anytime you don't know where else to turn in life, turn to Romans 8 and God will speak to you through it. Know it well.

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Romans 8 Summary

We've covered a ton of doctrine in the first 7 chapters. With the first word of chapter 8 - Therefore - Paul slows down, takes a big breath, and says, "Ok, here's why this is so important."

We've already made the claim that Romans 5 is the most important chapter in the Bible, in that it provides the theological foundation that Christianity is built on. Since that's the case, Romans 8 is the most magnificent chapter, since it gives voice to everything that's built on the foundation.

This chapter divides into five subparts:

  • The difference between those who live in Christ and those who live according to Sarx (who we read about yesterday).

  • How grace has redefined our identity. We are now sons of God (v14).

  • This chapter helps us to understand the tension in which we live. We already have full salvation, and our new life in Christ has already begun. But we've not yet fully realized that salvation in every aspect of life; we experience present sufferings in a creation subjected to frustration, while we patiently wait for the hope we have to be fully revealed.

  • In an amazing promise, we read that the Spirit is interceding for you at all times!

  • The final section should be very familiar. If they're not, do what you need to do to make them familiar.

Dig Deeper

The book of Romans summarizes the whole Bible, and Romans 8 summarizes the book of Romans.

You live in a world dominated by lies and fear mongering in which you are under constant attack and emotional manipulation. What a blessing to have a passage like Romans 8 to be able to re-center yourself on the life changing truth of God's Word. Come back to it often.

AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our sovereign God who controls all things for our good

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Know that the Spirit is interceding for you as you pray, aligning your will with God's (v26-27)




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