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Romans 11 - Faithfulness to the Unfaithful

Put your problems into perspective by being reminded of the amazing faithfulness and glory of our covenant God.

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Romans 11 Summary

Romans 9-11 are some of the most difficult chapters in the Bible, as Paul struggles to understand why it is that God's people Israel rejected Christ. He concludes this section with some important points:

  • God did not reject His people, rather He's preserved a remnant, just as He did all through the Old Testament.

  • Although Israel sought righteousness, they failed to obtain it and now have become blind to it.

  • Israel fell so that the Gentiles might be let in, and the Gentiles have been let in to provoke Israel to jealosy so that they seek to return to their God.

  • Paul compares salvation to a orchard tree: some branches are pruned while others are grafted in.

  • This chapter seems to indicate that the door is still open for the Jews. Verse 26 is among the most difficult in the Bible to interpret. See last year's Dig Deeper post for interpretive options.

Dig Deeper

Chapters 9-11 are theologically overwhelming at times! If you've found yourself confused or frustrated in reading through them, take time to soak in this doxology (words of praise & glory), as you're reminded of God's greatness and sovereignty that extends past your ability to fully understand it.

Oh, the depth

of the riches

and wisdom

and knowledge

of God!

How unsearchable are his judgments

and how inscrutable his ways!


who has known the mind of the Lord,

or who has been his counselor?”


who has given a gift to him

that he might be repaid?”


from him

and through him

and to him

are all things.

To him be glory forever.


AAA Prayer:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Our Father, whose riches, wisdom, and knowledge are deep beyond measure (v33)

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray that God will strengthen you to continue in His kindness (v22)




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