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How the 5x5 Bible Reading Plan Works

Daily scripture reading is arguably the most important Spiritual Discipline that Christians must practice, but so often the resolutions we make to read the Bible each day end up going off the rails sooner or later.

The 5x5 plan makes reading the entire New Testament attainable by everyone! Each day, we'll read one chapter from the New Testament, which averages about 5 minutes. Since we only will do 5 chapters a week, that gives you two extra days every week to either reflect on what you've been reading, or to catch up if you missed.

We'll be talking about what we've been reading together every Sunday, and you'll find that since your friends and family in the church are reading the same thing you are each day that you'll be talking about it often with them throughout each week. This will help encourage you to continue and build a strong daily habit.

Like all new endeavors, you are likely to have good weeks and bad weeks. If you fall off the wagon, don't worry... when you're ready to climb back on, just jump back in with everybody else. We're working on building a lifelong habit, so if you miss a few chapters or even an entire book, you'll cover it again next year!

The best way to stay on track is to sign up for the daily text message reminders. Here's what a typical text message will look like:

5x5 Day 1 - Mark 1 - Notice how Jesus separates Himself from the busyness of life to pray in v35 & 45. Read more:

The link will take you to a page with a few things to look for to help you dig deeper into each chapter, as well as some points to help you pray through what you've read. These are perfect for family devotions or personal growth. You can even post questions or comments each day!

We will also hand out bookmarks at the beginning of each month with a daily reading schedule.

Welcome aboard the 5x5 Bible Reading Plan at Worthington Christian Reformed Church!


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