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October: The Great Commission

He who has been given all authority in heaven and on earth has commissioned us. In

this lesson, Dr. Dever shows that God established the church so that we might fulfill

this Great Commission.

"What is a Healthy Church" Episode 12 - 'The Great Commission'

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Video Outline:

  1. How are we to fulfill the Great Commission?

    1. There is one imperative in the Great Commission: “Make disciples.”

    2. Christians are to go to all the nations as part of God’s unfolding mission.

    3. The local church is the means God has given us to fulfill His commands.

  2. What’s the big picture of the Great Commission?

    1. God desires a fatherly relationship with His people.

  3. What has God done for the Great Commission?

    1. Jesus’ ministry follows the pattern of God’s relational design for us.

    2. Jesus established the church as the continuing work of His Father.

    3. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit created the church to fulfill the work of the Great Commission.

  4. What did the Apostles understand by the Great Commission?

    1. The Apostles established and cared for churches.

    2. The Apostles taught concerning our responsibility to each other within the church.

    3. The Apostles’ response to the Great Commission teaches us that the church was established for more than mere decisions for Christ.

  5. What is our goal in fulfilling the Great Commission?

    1. Our goal is God’s glory.

Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways has WCRC done well in fulfilling the Great Commission?

  2. What aspects of the Great Commission could we improve on?

  3. What specific things can we do as a church to improve how we fulfill the Commission we've been given?

  4. Finish this sentence expressing the Great Commission: A thriving church... See how we've completed that sentence for WCRC so far. This document will grow and develop as we work on this throughout the year.



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