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November: Raising Godly Leaders

The faith once delivered to the saints must be handed down from generation to generation. In this lesson, Dr. Dever offers nine marks for identifying, growing, and training elders for the sake of a healthy church.

"What is a Healthy Church" Episode 14 - Raising Godly Leaders

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Video Outline:

  1. A healthy church must be concerned for the spread of the gospel both geographically and generationally.

    1. Pastors and elders need to think about the faith generationally

  2. There are nine marks helpful to identifying, growing, and training elders.

    1. Pastors and elders must find men who meet the biblical qualifications.

    2. Pastors and elders must look for the men God is raising up around them.

    3. Pastors and elders must trust and be charitable.

    4. Pastors and elders need to be willing to invest personal time.

    5. Pastors and elders need to delegate responsibility to others.

    6. Pastors and elders need to be able to give and receive feedback.

    7. Pastors and elders need a right understanding of authority.

    8. Pastors and elders must find men who have clarity and an ability to teach, men who have an ability to explain doctrine and answer difficult questions.

    9. Pastors and elders must encourage humility.

Discussion Questions

  1. Review the things that God has brought forth in your own life that have helped you become a Godly leader in the Church.

  2. What factors are causing men to either ignore or hide from serving WCRC in leadership roles? Which of the ideas for forming and training young men that Dr. Dever discusses in the video would work the best here?

  3. What changes can we make to our nomination / election process to improve our leadership development process?

  4. Finish this sentence expressing developing Godly leaders: A thriving church... See how we've completed that sentence for WCRC so far. This document will grow and develop as we work on this throughout the year.



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