1 Peter 1 Reading Guide

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Chapter Summary

  • v1-2 - Peter's opening sentence is really complex, but it also tells us quite a bit about the rest of the letter, as well as ourselves. It tells us:

  • WHO IS THIS LETTER WRITTEN TO: To God's elect. This letter is addressed to you.

  • WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ELECT: An elect person is one 'who has been chosen' by God to receive His grace that comes through the Holy Spirit who is sanctifying you (making you holy) . For more information on the doctrine of election, watch our two minute video on Romans 9, or our Dig Deeper post on Ephesians 1.

  • WHEN WERE YOU ELECTED: God chose you to be His own long before you were born or even conceived. He chose you before He created anything, because even at that point He knew (had foreknowledge of) everything about you. This is why sometimes election is referred to as predestination.

  • WHERE: Peter's original audience included exiled Christians scattered out in the hinterlands of the Roman empire, but the Holy Spirit, who breathed through Peter has he wrote this letter, meant it for people just like you: people who are exiled from their true home and scattered in the world.

  • WHY DID GOD ELECT ME, AND WHY DID PETER WRITE THIS LETTER: Both of these questions have the same answer: God chose you, and wrote you these words so that you might be sanctified by the Spirit, and would be obedient to Jesus Christ.

  • v3-9 - This passage is divided up into two components, reminding you why it is you're so often called to give "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (v3)."

  • You have been re-born. More specifically, you've been reborn into two things:

  • A living hope, since Christ conquered death;

  • An inheritance, which unlike the treasure of this world will never spoil, perish or fade.

  • Therefore you must rejoice, even though your life may be a mess at the moment.

  • These trials, which come in many forms, are refining you, in the same way that fire refines gold.