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Revelation 13 - It Seems Like We're Losing

It's hard to be optimistic after looking at the news, but tho' the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.

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Revelation 13 Summary

Chapter 13 introduces us to the first two of Satan's minions. Tomorrow in chapter 14 we will meet the third, the harlot of Babylon. Chapter 13, however is about beasts. The first is a conglomeration of multi-headed predatory animals (v2). One of these heads has received a mortal wound, but that wound has been healed.

This first beast represents the oppressive world orders & governments. It's not so important to try and figure out which worldly kingdoms are included in those seven heads (Babylon? Rome? Soviet Union?), or which of those kingdoms was mortally wounded but will be restored, rather, keep focused on the big picture. The point here is that there have always been, and as long as the earth endures, will always be kingdoms of man oppressing the Kingdom of God.

The second beast is not very scary at all. In fact, it has the appearance of a lamb (v11). This gentle appearance makes it much more dangerous. It represents the wisdom of the world. We can see in our day and age how it positions itself as being attractive and sophisticated, but it's always pointing people aways from Christ and towards the dragon.