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Revelation 18 - 60 Minutes

Just like the weather in Minnesota, the world will change suddenly, in under an hour!

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Revelation 18 Summary

Chapter 18 is in the midst of the chapters that focus on the perspective of a woman name Babylon. Although her name is associated with the city that the Israelites were once exiled in, she represents all of the seductive aspects of life throughout history.

We were introduced to her yesterday, and she literally had the world by its tail, as every aspect of sinful society were under her seductive control. Yet, in one of the longest chapters in Revelation, it is made clear that even the things which we and our society value the most will be reduced to ashes.

Once the allurement brought about by human greed is destroyed, the rest of society (v. 9-20) crumbles away. All of the treasures and desires that seem so tempting now drive so much of the work we do as a society, and when the treasures go away, everything else seems to fall down with it (vs. 21-24).

Dig Deeper

Two things stand out about Babylon's destruction.

The first is its swiftness. One moment, she's living in luxury without a fear or care in the world. But even as she sits basking in her own glory, the mighty angel declares that death, mourning, famine and fiery destruction will all come upon her in a single day (v7-8). All those who'd grown rich by their association with her are flabbergasted that her destruction is complete in a single hour (v9, 15, 19).

Second, it often seems like all the powerful factions of the world - tyrannical governments, multinational corporations, accademia, etc. - all are in lock step solidarity with one another as they pursue worldly gain. But notice how that as soon as Babylon is destroyed, they all stand far off, both from Babylon and each other (v10, 15, 17).

What a picture: all of these previously powerful allies, now each cowering separately in fear on the Day of the Lord.

As you're often tempted to think that there's no hope for divine goodness and justice in the world, keep in mind that it will all suddenly change in a hour.

AAA Prayer :

  • ACKNOWLEDGE WHO GOD IS: Father in heaven, to whom all will submit

  • ALIGN YOUR LIFE WITH GOD'S WILL: Pray for the strength to resist Babylon's temptations (v4)




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