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Revelation 20 - The Millenium

How you understand this chapter has a huge impact on how you understand everything else!

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Revelation 20 Summary

Revelation 20 is one of the most controversial chapters in the entire Bible. One of the biggest arguments among Christians is how to understand the thousand years of peace this chapter refers to in v3-4. There are two main camps:

  1. Premillennialists - This interpretation has Christ returning before the 1,000 years. This position tends to be pessimistic about the future, in that society will get worse and worse. Some premillennialists think that suddenly Christians will be raptured, and those 'left behind' will face a time of tribulation. Finally, Jesus will return and usher in a 1,000 year period of peace before commencing the final judgment. This position had its heyday around the turn of the 20th century among fundamentalists and other adherents of the Scofield Bible.

  2. Postmillennialists - This position is a little more common in our circles. They understand that a duty Christians have is to build up the Kingdom of God. As this becomes more solidified, Christ will bless it in such a way that a 1,000 year period of peace occurs, at the end of which, Christ will return.

Revelation 20 is the only chapter in the Bible that refers to this 1,000 year period, and the language it uses is frustratingly vague. Both of these interpretations can claim the text supports their position, but both positions have significant holes in them as well. This is why most Reformed theologians favor a third interpretation:

  • Amillennialism - As its name implies, this position says there will not be a s